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She was in no condition to understand the caution against speaking to him in private, which Mr.
No," she said, going on with her sweeping, and speaking to herself; "I know a better way of relieving my mind than that.
Were you by any chance speaking of some unhappy woman--not the person who frightened you, of course--but of some other woman whom you know?
He had plainly no suspicion that she had been speaking of herself: his tone and manner both answered for it that his belief in her was as strong as ever.
For I must remark, Thrasymachus, if you will recall what was previously said, that although you began by defining the true physician in an exact sense, you did not observe a like exactness when speaking of the shepherd; you thought that the shepherd as a shepherd tends the sheep not with a view to their own good, but like a mere diner or banqueter with a view to the pleasures of the table; or, again, as a trader for sale in the market, and not as a shepherd.
Seth was right in believing that Lisbeth would be held in restraint by timidity, and during the next three days, the intervals in which she had an opportunity of speaking to Adam were too rare and short to cause her any strong temptation.
Dinah's been speaking the Word to a little company of hearers at Brimstone's, as they call him.
Says your speaking countenance to me: "Why didn't you communicate that, when I first come in this evening?
Only to have seen her without speaking would have been some relief; for Maggie was haunted by a face cruel in its very gentleness; a face that had been turned on hers with glad, sweet looks of trust and love from the twilight time of memory; changed now to a sad and weary face by a first heart-stroke.
More strictly speaking, I had noticed him when, on a previous occasion, he had come to play cards here, and I had followed him home.
He glanced at her; she blushed, and ceased speaking.
I say when I rendered it; I am speaking of the past.