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TO SPEAK. This term is used in the English law, to signify the permission given by a court to the prosecutor and defendant in some cases of misdemeanor, to agree together, after which the prosecutor comes into court and declares himself to be satisfied; when the court pass a nominal sentence. 1 Chit. Pr. 17.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The ears of the king are large, if his mouth be small, O Chief Bulalio," I answered, "and I, who am but the mouth, speak what the ears have heard."
You are talking worse than absurdly--you are talking offensively--when you speak of another woman presenting herself here in your place."
Of course there were those who were opposed to any such recognition of the rights of the Negro, but the Board of Directors, composed of men who represented the best and most progressive element in the South, had their way, and voted to invite a black man to speak on the opening day.
"We MUST speak of it then: we are not obliged to speak of it now."
"Hear me, Trojans and Achaeans, that I may speak even as I am minded; Jove on his high throne has brought our oaths and covenants to nothing, and foreshadows ill for both of us, till you either take the towers of Troy, or are yourselves vanquished at your ships.
He himself did not yet know what he would say, but he began to speak eagerly, occasionally lapsing into French or expressing himself in bookish Russian.
Her indignation would have been still stronger than it was, had she not witnessed that embarrassment which seemed to speak a consciousness of his own misconduct, and prevented her from believing him so unprincipled as to have been sporting with the affections of her sister from the first, without any design that would bear investigation.
"If you are English why is it then that you cannot speak English?"
"Is it absolutely necessary to speak of my marriage engagement?" she asked in low tones.
She saw all these perils -- and still the cruel courage to face the worst, and speak, was as far from her as ever.
She made her plan; she would speak of something totally differentthe children in Brunswick Square; and she only waited for breath to begin, when Mr.
You have loved yourself; let your old love speak for me!"