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TO SPEAK. This term is used in the English law, to signify the permission given by a court to the prosecutor and defendant in some cases of misdemeanor, to agree together, after which the prosecutor comes into court and declares himself to be satisfied; when the court pass a nominal sentence. 1 Chit. Pr. 17.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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That speaks volumes SCOTT Anyone wishing to bid for the lunches should email carolynne.hunter40@gmail.com.
For him to become known among his peers as The Voice speaks volumes about the high regard in which he was held.
A word from your mouth speaks volumes about your heart.
The subtlest of movements speaks volumes. Beauty is in the details.
Award-winning poet Janet Holmes presents F2F, a collection of free-verse poetry that speaks volumes with the briefest and scarcest of phrases.
"MC4's ability to meet new and emerging needs in the combat zone has enabled the capture of 1 million electronic medical records--a number that speaks volumes on its personal and global impact."
"For a world class corporation such as DaimlerChrysler Financial Services to commit to this project, demonstrates the viability of this corporate park and speaks volumes about the desirability of locating in New Britain Township, Bucks County," commented Stephen M.
Its advocacy of abortion and population control speaks volumes about its contribution to science.
That in itself speaks volumes about the great difficulty, in 2005, of mounting a real intellectual defense of the Iraq war.
GM has managed to maintain a stable management team in Rick Wagoner, John Devine, Bob Lutz, Ed Wellburn and Larry Burns, and that speaks volumes to those inside and outside the company.
That this is working effectively speaks volumes. Now what is required is for councils to act with similar zeal.
"That action in and of itself speaks volumes about BP's and ARCO's intentions regarding this site" says Garcia.