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Imran Khan will also spearhead rallies across other major cities of Pakistan in an attempt to bolster support for the party among the masses ahead of the all-important general election to be held in July.
Since Spearhead launched in 2013, it has worked with clients from North-east SMEs to global multinationals and has invested heavily in technologies used in the creation of their software, such as drones, 360deg cameras, laser scanners and 3D printers.
Since Spearhead launched in 2013 it has worked with a portfolio of public and private sector clients from North East SMEs to global multi-nationals.
Spearhead and The Space won the Pitching Competition category and Spearhead also won a further PS7,000.
It is more cost effective to prevent a fire rather than to extinguish it and the investment in a monitoring solution is obviously less expensive than the damage caused by downtime,” said Marius Pana, General Director, Spearhead Systems.
For cancers of the cervix and ovary, five-year survival was similar in Spearhead PCTs to the rest of England.
Saturday's concert comes just months in advance of the release of a new Spearhead album, so expect to hear some new songs.
The tool presents both a national and local picture, showing current life expectancy for each of the 70 Spearhead areas, and the gap between life expectancy in the Spearhead area and that for the rest of England, and can be used as part of a local strategy to reduce health inequalities.
It is anticipated that the Spearhead will be used for missions that require maximal speed and flexibility in delivering sustainment supplies and moving pre-positioned stocks and troops.
Ever since a 12,000-year-old spearhead was found near Clovis, N.
The Solomon Islands Government has requested that the country be temporarily released from the requirements of a free trade agreement signed by the Melanesian Spearhead Group of nations, which links the economies of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.
Medical directors spearhead staff enhancement, based on the assumption that people in a skilled nursing facility can be trained and educated to provide the same level of nursing and clinical care as is typically found in a hospital.