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MINT. The place designated by law, where money is coined by authority of the government of the United States.
     2. The mint was established by the Act of April 2, 1792, 1 Story's L. U. S. 227, and located at Philadelphia, where, by virtue of sundry acts of congress, it still remains. Act of April 24, 1800, 1 Story, 770; Act of March 3, 1801, 1 Story, 816; Act of May 19, 1828, 4 Sharsw. cont. of Story's L. U. S. 2120.
     3. Below will be found a reference to the acts of congress now in force in relation to the mint. Act of January 18, 1837, 4 Sharsw. cont. of Story, L. U. S. 2120; Act of May 19, 1828, 4 Id. 2120; Act of May 3, 1835; Act of February 13, 1837; Act of March 3, 1849; Act of March 3, 1851, s. 11. Vide Coin; Foreign Coin; Money.

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Beginning February 2015, Spearmint Mix Tic Tac mints can be purchased at select grocery, drug, mass and convenience stores.
HOW TO CLAIM Simply cut out the voucher below and present it along with one 15g pouch of Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum in either spearmint or fresh mint flavour to redeem the item for free, when presented at the checkout of The Co-operative Food stores or Scotmid store in Scotland.
Spearmint belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants, which is known to store their essential oils on or near the leaf surfaces [36].
Angry complainants forced the ASA to step in after they revealed that Spearmint Rhino had a digital advertising board outside a venue showing a woman dressed in a grey v-neck jumper, with school tie and shirt.
Spearmint Treattarome 9764 can also be used at varying dosage levels to achieve different flavour profiles.
And Spurs fans reckon their ultimate night out is watching lap dancers at Spearmint Rhino.
The genus Mentha is the most important in the Labiatae family because of the various essential oils that can be isolated through hydrodistillatioin, water and steam distillation, hydrodiffusion, and expression (cold processing) and that have high economic value, including corn mint (the source of natural menthol), peppermint, Scotch spearmint, and Native spearmint.
Spearmint Rhino Ventures, which describes itself as operating a chain of "gentleman's clubs", won its case that the dancer should pay VAT out of money she takes from her "customers".
DRINKING two cups of spearmint tea a day could help women with excess body hair, according to a study published today.
You'll be less likely to eat more of your favorite snack if it's going to taste like spearmint.
Spearmint and rosemary oils are infused in the Oily Skin Bar, and lavender and rose petals make the Good Night Baby Bar especially pleasant.
Bass mentioned that although the ingredients are similar to other tea beverages, Delta Blue's taste is refreshing, almost textured with a soft mouth feel that lingers from spearmint.