special ability

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It also highlights our pledge to showcase unique talents who have the special ability to entertain and to enlighten," said Darwish Holding Chairman and Managing Director Bader Abdullah al Darwish.
As shown in the trailer, Kwang's Light of the Heavens special ability involves lighting striking his sword to give him Physical and Energy Armor while giving AoE damage to the enemies surrounding the blade.
The poster was circulated within the force in a bid to recruit officers with a special ability to recognise individuals that they had previously seen.
Buljubasic said that he discovered the special ability of his about five years ago.
As a native Texan, I frequently end up dispelling the myth about Texas' special ability to secede from the United States.
The special ability available is determined by the avatar you chose to represent you onscreen.
EOIN Morgan's England Lions exploits reminded the Test selectors of his special ability in the nick of time to sneak into the squad for this week's first Test.
And the Old Trafford boss believes the 22-year-old has a special ability that reminds him of Scotland legend Law.
A GUIDE dog with a special ability to sense when people are about to fall ill has been given an award for his talents.
Paul is an octopus with a special ability to guess the winner ahead of football games, according to staff at the aquarium.
His talents as an artist command huge respect amongst breeders particularly as he has a special ability to portray true likenesses of individual horses.
He went on to record decades of Tyneside development, retaining that special ability to capture the poignancy of people at ease in their own environment.