special ability

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'Women have the special ability to read the heart and mind of an athlete,' Ramirez told more than 150 sports women leaders, coaches and local government representatives from all over the country who attended the seminar.
There will be six classes one will get to choose from and each class contains its own special ability and skill.
The train has a special ability to run both on standard gauge in Turkey and broad gauge in Georgia and Azerbaijan.
Holt's children then found out Dumbo's special ability flying which will catch the attention of entrepreneur V.A.
Beeswing had a special ability that he put to good use when he wanted to make new friends.
Robot Name: cheetah robot, Animal-Inspired Structure: flexible spine, Special Ability: running very fast, Real-World Use: allowing vehicles to move quickly over rough terrain; 2.
It also highlights our pledge to showcase unique talents who have the special ability to entertain and to enlighten," said Darwish Holding Chairman and Managing Director Bader Abdullah al Darwish.
Kwang's Judgement of the Heavens special ability is also featured in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoIaO9UMrnY) "Paragon's" latest trailer , and it is nothing short of amazing as it involves throwing the Legendary Blade to the heavens before damaging and tethering opponents when it lands on the ground.
The poster was circulated within the force in a bid to recruit officers with a special ability to recognise individuals that they had previously seen.
Buljubasic said that he discovered the special ability of his about five years ago.
Each sister has a special ability which also comes with complicated responsibilities.
He has a special ability to identify concepts and products that will enthrall customers.