Special Assessment

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Special Assessment

A real property tax proportionately levied on homeowners and landowners to cover the costs of improvements that will be for the benefit of all upon whom it is imposed.

For example, a special assessment might be made to pay for sidewalks or sewer connections.

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The South Dakota Constitution authorizes the legislature to vest municipalities with the "power to make local improvements" by special assessment.
34) Second, the FDIC imposed a special assessment calculated on assets, instead of deposits, payable by September of 2009.
In return for the special assessment benefit, owners are required to hold an annual open house for the public.
Prevailing issues Surrounding the Special Assessment Mechanism
The heart of the new law is a one-time special assessment on thrift deposits to shore up the SAIF.
Florida courts have attempted to define what may be funded by a special assessment, but their holdings result in uncertainty.
The type of taxes they impose vary widely, but may be grouped into four main categories: special assessment districts, tax increment financing districts, community facilities districts, and special purpose general obligation districts.
A special assessment is a charge "assessed against the property of a particular locality because that property derives some special benefit" from a government service provided in that locale beyond the general benefit accruing to all citizens.
Under the state's special assessment laws, the payments had to be spread in the third year after the temporary note funding the projects was issued, and the assessments could not be spread for a period of longer than 20 years.
This Article argues that the judicial prohibition on neighborhood zoning districts is inconsistent with the judiciary's permissive attitude toward BIDs and special assessment districts.
The Commission has never determined if SA forms should be provided to operators during discovery, although in a case dating to 1991, MSHA was required to release to the operator portions of an internal MSHA special assessment form in Asarco Inc.

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