special case

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I can't get into special cases because our job is to apply the rules fairly.
THE number of special cases that the coalition is being urged to consider ahead of its cuts in public sector budgets must be close to overwhelming.
The hospital authorities admitted their fault, but said it was their policy to identify special cases.
Young, who will not officially announce his line-up until later in the week, admitted Powell had "put his hand up" for a start against the Tigers after shining during a Blues' second-string Magners League conquest of Ulster at Ravenhill last weekend, but stressed he wouldn't be treated as a special case because of his Lions selection.
Although no formal application has yet been received for the planned development of Lord Derby's Hatchfield Farm, or Pinewood Stud and two other Jockey Club Estates sites, both the Town Council and Forest Heath District Council publicly accepted that Newmarket was an historic and unique town and, as such, normal planning requirements did not apply and that Newmarket had to be treated as a special case.
But even Abramovich was forced to concede Terry was a special case.
The energy auctions run by the NYISO, including the Emergency Demand Response Program and ICAP Special Case Resources program, are intended to provide system operators with additional resources that can be deployed in the event of energy shortages to maintain the reliability of the system.
Montana is a very special case, and it is the ultimate example of why the Colorado Trust was created," said National Adjutant Arthur H.
Might the evolution of asymmetric modern sex from symmetric DNA exchange (like that practiced by paramecia) have been one special case of this emergence?
O'Driscoll, who has been chased by Leicester, Toulouse and Stade Francais in recent times, has always rejected a big-money move out of Ireland due to Irish rugby chiefs agreeing to make him a special case with a bumper contract.
Likewise, knowing that the orbits of the known planets are elliptical (a circle being a special case of that shape), no reasonably intelligent mathematician or astronomer would have wasted time, as the character Alexander does in Chapter XLVI (or 46), trying to fit parabolas to data observed for that "lost star".
Single parents on social assistance are a special case.

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