special characteristic

See: specialty
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A special characteristic of his was the naive candour with which he always listened to arguments which interested him, and with which he answered any questions put to him on the subject at issue.
the Thracians, Scythians, and in general the northern nations; and the same may be said of the love of knowledge, which is the special characteristic of our part of the world, or of the love of money, which may, with equal truth, be attributed to the Phoenicians and Egyptians.
Each is distinguished by its own special characteristics.
After all, night market snacks and Taiwan's variety of drink shops are a special characteristic of the country.
Lastly, some models have a final letter which indicates a special characteristic of the machine, for example: CW 600 F: Chocolate, Wrapping, 600 ppm, Flat (flat-base chocolates).
The celebrations were marked by a procession while people sprayed perfumes on each other, chanted devotional songs and displayed sword skills and other stunts as a mark of the bravery and fighting prowess, which is a special characteristic of the Sikh community.
Other useful indexes include listing by composer (with icons denoting those appearing for the first time), poet, title, and subject or special characteristic.
Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body and have the special characteristic of being able to divide and renew themselves for very long periods.
The special characteristic of its business is its seasonal production cycle, especially holidays and festivals, which means producing substantial stocks to meet a demand concentrated over several days a year.
That night the sea sounds were interspersed by the last few stragglers of students enjoying their revelries as I sunk again into a restful sleep, with a smile on my face listening to the evening sounds that give the town a special characteristic, students and the sea.
The special characteristic of Naylor Hathernware HT is achieved by a combination of the unique ceramic raw material constituents and a carefully-controlled high temperature firing process.
According to Moore (1993), "The transaction that we call distance education occurs between teachers and learners in an environment having the special characteristic of separation of teachers from learners.

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