special characteristic

See: specialty
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Each is distinguished by its own special characteristics.
A special characteristic of the Barberry is that each berry usually has two seeds and that the plant is able to stop the development of its seeds in order to save its resources.
Rabbits born with the special characteristic are chosen to wear a sacred golden ring over their unique ear, and perform good deeds for the rest of their life.
A special characteristic of SEECP is that it is an original form of co-operation among the countries in the region launched on their own initiative, and not on the initiative of some other international organization or countries.
The special characteristic in the modern paintings is the issues that are depicted in them.
The special characteristic of the expansion unit, which is the core of the Energy Module, is that even low incoming pressure levels of around 600mbar on the Energy Module's steam entrance side can be very efficiently converted into mechanical energy and, subsequently, into electricity.
However, that special characteristic was later given to Directorate-General of Press and Information after it was established.
The special characteristic of 1C-PUR adhesives is that they react chemically with the moisture in the surroundings (wood humidity, air humidity etc.
A special characteristic of the BellSouth offering allows for the same five three-digit numbers to be reused in all of the company's individual service areas since it is a local-only service.
A special characteristic of the AMKLY Stations is AMKLY Station Manager network enhancing security software with system level password protection in a three-tiered structure providing varying levels of access for the Administrator, User and Guest.
The second special characteristic this village boasts is that it is where Zekeriya Temizel, who once raised eyebrows by terrorizing the financial bureaucracy and political world of Ankara with his tough sense of humor, was reborn.
The celebrations were marked by a procession while people sprayed perfumes on each other, chanted devotional songs and displayed sword skills and other stunts as a mark of the bravery and fighting prowess, which is a special characteristic of the Sikh community.

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