special endowment

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Distinction between the sterility of first crosses and of hybrids -- Sterility various in degree, not universal, affected by close interbreeding, removed by domestication -- Laws governing the sterility of hybrids -- Sterility not a special endowment, but incidental on other differences -- Causes of the sterility of first crosses and of hybrids -- Parallelism between the effects of changed conditions of life and crossing -- Fertility of varieties when crossed and of their mongrel offspring not universal -- Hybrids and mongrels compared independently of their fertility -- Summary.
The distinction has probably been slurred over, owing to the sterility in both cases being looked on as a special endowment, beyond the province of our reasoning powers.
They admit foreign students at a premium, develop proposals and generate huge research funds, tap onto alumni resources and create special endowment chairs through which they reap cash from corporate bodies and philanthropists.
Moreover, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development created a special endowment of up to US$50 million annually to be used for loans in support of renewable energy projects in the developing world.
Universiti Islam Malaysia (UIM) and CIMB Islamic have put in place agreements for their cooperation in promoting the development of higher education through a special endowment grant to establish the Chair for Waqf and Islamic Finance Management Studies as well as the establishment of CIMB Islamic Primary Resources for Islamic Finance Special Library.
He also called for the development of special laws and regulations for endowments including the establishment of special endowment courts.
The same word in one context can convey the spirit that is in all human beings, or it can mean the special endowment of the Spirit.
Members of the Ebenezer Choral Society, who have close links with the college, presented the generous donation to Director of Music John Cranmer, which will go into a special endowment fund.
In a press statement following the ceremony, the Prince said that a special endowment will be established in Makkah for the Contest within the Association's endowments, noting that the Contest's Prize will be accorded at an international level and the Prize money will be increased significantly next year.
Another wall honors Patrons of Diplomacy donors, including Ewa and Dan Abraham, who created a special endowment for the terrace's care.
Our role is to convince the community to invest their money in this special endowment and we manage it judiciously," Tayeb Abdul Rahman Al Rais, secretary general of the Foundation, said.
A special endowment fund has been created to honour the memory of Simon Fraser University chemistry professor Melanie O'Neill, 37, who was found slain in her home by Vancouver Police Department officers the evening of July 26,2011.

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