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On a certain day in that year two special items of news appeared in the papers--the news of an elevation to the peerage, and the news of a suicide.
The programs face uncertain futures because they are funded using a budgeting tactic known as a special item.
Honey chili garlic shrimp over linguine is a special item.
The other special item in 2007 primarily represents a reversal of deferred tax provisions previously provided on the undistributed earnings of certain of our subsidiaries following the company's determination that no dividends would be paid by these foreign subsidiaries for the foreseeable future.
The December 2014 quarter includes special item expenses of USD70.
The gain on sale of businesses of $849 million (reported on a separate line of the Consolidated Statement of Income) and a special item benefit of $4 million for research, development and related expenses were partially offset by special items related to cost of sales ($64 million) and selling, general and administrative expenses ($108 million).
Third quarter 2006 operating profit for the petroleum additives segment, excluding the benefit of a special item, reflected another strong improvement in performance with earnings of $27.
The special item in second quarter and first half of last year was a $2.
Efficient special item ordering and eCatalog updating is therefore a vital component in the process when you're trying to procure a special item not found in an eCatalog and trying to determine the vendor to supply the item.
Operating profit before and after special items was also better than ever, amounting to EUR 17.
million from special items in the most recent quarter and increased
reflects approximately $709 million in special items.

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