special matter

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But there is a special matter of concern for the Muslim world: When a country gets isolated, creating an image of uneasiness for the external world, external pressures on the despotic groups inside are avoided.
For me in particular, the extension of the support program for young professionals will be a special matter.
It paid off handsomely, as the Sandy Shulman-trained runner, clearly relishing the yielding conditions, quickened six lengths clear of Special Matter in the Grade 2 contest.
A special meeting can be called--in a manner prescribed by the statutes, articles, and bylaws--any time a special matter requiring immediate attention arises.
The Proposer(s) shall also provide legal advice, research and assistance on any other special matter to the Planning Board that may be required to be addressed.
Wray chairs the King & Spalding Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group, which represents companies, audit and special committees, and individuals in a variety of white-collar criminal and regulatory enforcement matters, parallel civil litigation, and internal corporate investigations," the firm says.
There were also some ad hoc meetings to treat on special matters.
US $150 million will be spent on the establishment of the fuel bank in Kazakhstan, Ambassador of Kazakhstan for special matters Mr Barlybay Sadykov told a press briefing on Monday in Astana.
From 1999 to 2003, Sopko held a number of posts at the US Department of Commerce, including Deputy Director of the National Technical Information Service, Acting Assistant Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement, and Chief Counsel for the Special Matters Unit at the Office of General Counsel.
Lebanon cannot stay immersed in its special matters and its authority cannot be disassociated from the big crisis that augurs badly for the economic and livelihood conditions," said the Patriarch.
Form project teams consisting of members from diverse backgrounds to handle special matters.
Rule 9014(c) will now include Rule 7009 that governs pleading special matters such as fraud, and Rule 7017 that discusses real parties in interest.

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