special occurrence

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One special occurrence that I feel particularly illustrates the difference between "curing" and "healing" is a transformation I observed which happened to an extremely obese woman who came to live at the LTC facility where I worked while she recuperated from a fractured hip related to a fall.
Earth's climate is really a special occurrence, it's rare, and surface temperatures on the planet have never fluctuated so much as to make it uninhabitable.
"Getting all of the URNU's in one place at the same time is a very rare and special occurrence and everyone involved with Example made sure our home port was proudly represented," he said.
"The Beatles hadn't been seen for a while, they'd stopped touring and their success had made them almost God-like, so a public appearance was a special occurrence," he says.
He concludes by asserting that, for many years, the literature of empire "gave a great deal of satisfaction, both in its real and in its fictional representations, to a great many people who could not escape the feeling that something special was going on, and that in some way that special occurrence was creditable, and even heroic" (p.
The point will be a special occurrence Julia Steyn, vice president at General Motors (Urban Mobility Programs), who will talk about the concept of General Motors on new business models in the field of urban mobility, aimed at attracting new customers.
this must be documented daily in a presence book deposited at the gate and special occurrences with the date and time must be entered.
Azraq believes that with just a little awareness and knowledge, organisations are willing to consider alternatives to celebrate special occurrences such as blowing giant bubbles, flying kites or planting trees.
WEATHER (9780545505161, $12.99) provides the latest weather science and what can happen during the world's worst weather, covering storms, hail, and everyday and special occurrences. REPTILES (9780545505093, $12.99) is packed with close-up and eye-catching photos of snakes and other reptiles, from lizards to crocodiles, and offers the latest scientific facts about their lives and habits.
True, it was very cool to have awesome seats whenever favorites such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Stones and The Dead came through; or when special occurrences transpired, such as Stevie Wonder's return to concert work; or being front and center for the arrival and ascent of important new talent such as Tool.
When teachers write special occurrences down in a notebook, they can flip through it on difficult days and find rejuvenation.
It includes the D&B rating, a ranking of overall financial strength prepared by D&B analysts, and special occurrences such as legal actions and management changes.

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