special point

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She felt that he was praising her, too, and blushed; certainly she had done all she could with his intractable friends, and had made a special point of kowtowing to the men.
But fortunately the special point I here seek can be established upon testimony entirely independent of my own.
However, the special point to which the two friends particularly trusted to bring about their object
Then, having established ourselves upon this sound basis, it is our duty to see what inferences may be drawn and what are the special points upon which the whole mystery turns.
Just as some people have never seen Star Wars, I had never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey until it was on the telly on Saturday night, so I made a special point of watching what was billed as a classic movie acclaimed as a masterpiece.
The other very special point to note is that it is extremely rare for the RAF to name aircraft after people, with the last one being in 1968."
Use one tiny accessory to make the special point, or perhaps several, hung on door handles or pinned up at intervals, leading the way to that Valentine's Day surprise...
As we at AFHF continue to tell our Air Force's story--the Airmen, the machines, and the conflicts--innovation and ingenuity must remain a special point of emphasis.
"Iran pursues Syria's territorial integrity and ceasefire and security in the entire lands of Syria, and ceasefire cannot be limited to a special point or points," he added.
I find myself checking it regularly for a special point of hymnic history or a nicely crafted line for a sermon.
The text makes a special point to explore problems that seem, at first glance, to be squarely based on the child, but upon further examination, reveal themselves to be family-wide issues requiring family-wide solutions.
FOR A LONG time now, some Filipino movies have been shot in foreign countries, as an added come-on for viewers to make a special point to watch them.

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