special points

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Then, having established ourselves upon this sound basis, it is our duty to see what inferences may be drawn and what are the special points upon which the whole mystery turns.
But fortunately the special point I here seek can be established upon testimony entirely independent of my own.
However, the special point to which the two friends particularly trusted to bring about their object
She felt that he was praising her, too, and blushed; certainly she had done all she could with his intractable friends, and had made a special point of kowtowing to the men.
Vote for their square Krasnoyarsk on March 18 at special points that will be equipped near the polling stations.
The SP said that clearance would be made from special branch before any programme in churches, adding that special points would be set up at churches to protect life and property of people.
As this Panorama special points out, diabetes is a hidden killer which can lead to heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and leg amputations.
But there is a desire by the ministers who have special points of view over the issue to conduct more consultations," he said.
BECKY ROBERTS: Defo Bethan Evans bagsy painting it yellow x RE REACTION TO A55 SHUT AFTER CHEMICAL SPILL ANDREW MCCAVISH: Wouldn't it be far safer to move these chemicals by means of railway and have special points along the routes
Whilst the squad is equal, I must mention a few special points.
He said from Peshawar to Dera Ismail special points at 20 places would be carved out and directives had been issued to DFOs of the each district to display watering schedule at back of plantation drive inauguration plaque at their respective areas.
Schools will now be free to have a flexible distance criterion while admitting students, instead of sticking to the fixed eight- kilometre limit under the L- G's point system Schools can give siblings and alumni points to aspiring candidates as per their choice and guidelines Schools can award special points for categories such as armed forces, girl child, overseas transfers, single parents, among others Options for parents are no longer restricted while zeroing in on schools for their child MORE FREEDOM & OPTIONS Court says that recognised private unaided schools will have complete freedom with regard to the 75% general category seats

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