special privilege

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The special privileges afforded Taiwanese passengers are consistent with Taiwan's ranking as the 29th most powerful passport in the world.
The Article 35A is to be heard in the Supreme Court between February 26 and 28 after a bunch of petitions challenging the Constitutional validity of giving special privileges to the permanent residents.
"The existing arrangements are discriminatory because they grant a special privilege to one group on the grounds of faith.
But that was the special privilege reserved for showjumper Zara Phillips, who collected her MBE at Buckingham Palace yesterday.
Tony Ford, president of the 33 member East Cleveland club said: "It's a great pleasure to introduce two new members on the same evening and a special privilege to welcome two new lady members."
In addition to receiving this coveted honor, the winner will be given the special privilege to sit on REBNY's Board of Governors for one year.
Professional independence is not a special privilege but rather an inner necessity ..., and a safeguard for his employers and the general public.
'It's a special privilege this year as the union is celebrating its 50th anniversary,' he said.
"The churches would not want to be seen as being given any special privilege," Rev.
The first issue of our predecessor, La Follette's Weekly, came out on January 9, 1909, and Fighting Bob made clear that our mission was to join in the "struggle between special privilege and equal rights" and to "fight for government by the people." So it is today.
Children who get sleepy get the special privilege of resting their heads on their desks.
WHEN THE BUSH administration drew up draft legislation to create a new Department of Homeland Security, it included a special privilege for the Office of Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection, a key branch of the new agency.

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