special privileges

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The compiler described himself as having enjoyed certain special privileges.
My Hindoo friends possessed some special privileges which enabled them to gain access to the shrine.
Then there were such unworthy charlatans as the pardoners and professional pilgrims, traveling everywhere under special privileges and fleecing the credulous of their money with fraudulent relics and preposterous stories of edifying adventure.
Emirates passengers visiting Dubai this winter can use their boarding pass to avail themselves of budget-saving discounts and other special privileges.
Philippine Airlines (PAL) has joined other air carriers in giving baggage discounts and other special privileges to men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in recognition of their sacrifices for the country.
The Financial Times reported on Monday that the German bank was given special privileges during the stress test.
He pledged to provide every possible support for the mission to carry out its role and to provide special privileges for members of Sudanese community in Egypt.
China's foreign minister also promised to give Saudi investors special privileges and remove any hurdles in their dealings with China.
Established facts show that at age 56, age-related ailments and other physical limitations are already experienced, thus, benefits and special privileges are but necessary, AKO-Bicol party-list Reps.
According to this, Pakistan Army has been given special privileges to enforce law and order in the country and to establish special military courts.
Erlinda Santiago also sought the grant of special privileges to all teachers nationwide, including the free ride on mass transit system and the 20-percent discount on purchased items and services availed at restaurants, department stores, museums and other similar places.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 1, 2014-UnionPay International offers special privileges at 30 global tourist destinations

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