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The Company anticipates that the gross margin percentages will increase in November and December as the product and services mix of Interlink's business begins to shift in favor of the higher margin business of Interlink Global's special projects and Everest Interlink Broadband's products and services for clients in multi-tenant buildings.
2 million would land in the coffers if the second phase of the project is completed, according to Edward Johnduff, the city's special projects manager.
The BBC's special project calls for Teletrax to monitor use by the BBC of video news material that is provided by key selected international news providers.
Speaking at a conference in Baghdad held by the JFO under the title (a project to protect journalists), Ziyad al-Ugeli said "the observatory, in cooperation with the interior ministry, launched a special project to protect journalists including mechanisms to facilitate journalists' work.
SANTA CLARITA -- With Democrats in Congress vowing to take a hard look at funding for special projects, Rep.
The graduate MIS computing courses can be grouped into the following three broad categories: (1) general computing courses, (2) advanced computing courses, and (3) special projects.
Alan says: "This was a particularly special project for the Ground Force team and one that we will never forget.
He cited the use of law firms for special projects, litigation, international tax issues, and occasionally contacts and expertise in various localities.
The recommended implementation timing for each Special Project or related focused outreach
Service provider special project first-place winners are MassMutual Retirement Services, which one two; OneAmerica, Great-West Financial, ING and Lincoln Financial Group.
THE Liverpool office of accountants Grant Thornton has appointed Tony Handford to the firm's special projects team which creates a full time complement of seven professionals dealing with the advisory needs of the mid-market business - and more appointments are in the pipeline.
Most recently, she held the position of land acquisition and special projects coordinator at Compass Capital Corp.

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