special right

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We think more naturally of law-making as the special right of the people and administration as necessarily confined to experts.
They want the special right to discriminate against gay people.
Tenders are invited for Switch point & stock rail set, track, special right hand guarded 18~-o" curved point and special 39-0" right hand curved stock rail with 4~-11" before the PS of switch 463A, portion 108-2A, track D4, pc.
MIKE TYSON has been told he has no special right to the first fight against world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman - by the new title-holder himself.
The point is that civil marriage is not a special right or commodity or an exclusive club that should be limited to some citizens; it is a fundamental right that must be available to all.
The ruling means Estonia will have to open all its electricity markets to competition from January 1, 2009, rather than 35%, as under the annulled exemption, a special right which would have been phased out by 2013.
The SPAs provide the proponents with the special right to move ahead with activities to inform planning for LNG development.
Yet it is not a special right for committed same-sex couples to have the same health insurance benefits presently provided by law to husbands and wives.
She can deliver some really special right hooks," he added.