special right

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We think more naturally of law-making as the special right of the people and administration as necessarily confined to experts.
In addition, the board members will hear a report on the management of federal-owned shares of the JSC and the use of a special right to participate in the management of the Russian Federation in 2017, discuss measures to prevent bankruptcy and restore solvency, conduct corporate procedures of FSUE and JSC with the participation of the Russian Federation .
Do they have a special right to a special existence in this country called the United Kingdom?
Caborn said it was vital for England not to appear arrogant or that they ihad a special right to be hosts.
A special right angle reducer design conserves plant floor-space.
Professor Strauss thus posited that laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race B and I will in general use for purposes of illustration the archetypal example of laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race -- indeed provide a type of special right:(21) those protected by the law are exempted from treatment that is based on generalizations about certain of their characteristics.(22)
It recognized the supremacy of `Creator God' and `the special right and responsibility of aboriginal peoples to ensure the continuing integrity of the land and the unity and well-being of its inhabitants'.
In Jefferson City, a year later, sitting in a hearing dealing with a statewide hate crimes statute, the Festus ordinance was being [cited] as a person why a statewide law needed to be passed because of how the community in Festus supported an ordinance granting this type of a special right to people based on their "sexual orientation." I testified against that legislation and the bulk of my testimony was based on rebutting the earlier testimony on the city of Festus because I knew from personal experience that nobody in the city of Festus had any idea what was going on with that ordinance; there was never any public debate.
The right to an income is not a special right. The right to rent an apartment without getting evicted because you're gay is not a special right.
"Now we won't tolerate taking away Article 35-A which gives us a special right of being exclusive owners of the land/property," he said, adding that the Kashmiri people were ready to take extreme steps to safeguard the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.
Their immunity is also a special right considering they cannot be held accountable for what they say or how they vote in Parliament.
MIKE TYSON has been told he has no special right to the first fight against world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman - by the new title-holder himself.