special right

References in classic literature ?
We think more naturally of law-making as the special right of the people and administration as necessarily confined to experts.
In chapter 19 point 1 it is said companies holding the license for gas transport through pipelines and special right over certain transmission line and /or distribution networks are banned from operating as a gas trader.
Do they have a special right to a special existence in this country called the United Kingdom?
The central bank of Kazakhstan has received a special right from the government to purchase gold.
Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, she said: "I knew it had the potential to be something special right away.
She can deliver some really special right hooks," he added.
He said: "We've always said that any Munster dressing room is a special place to be but it is very special right now.
Caborn said it was vital for England not to appear arrogant or that they ihad a special right to be hosts.
A special right angle reducer design conserves plant floor-space.
It recognized the supremacy of `Creator God' and `the special right and responsibility of aboriginal peoples to ensure the continuing integrity of the land and the unity and well-being of its inhabitants'.
In Jefferson City, a year later, sitting in a hearing dealing with a statewide hate crimes statute, the Festus ordinance was being [cited] as a person why a statewide law needed to be passed because of how the community in Festus supported an ordinance granting this type of a special right to people based on their "sexual orientation.
Their immunity is also a special right considering they cannot be held accountable for what they say or how they vote in Parliament.