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All of the three directions of some special senses relied on a "good sense of situation and proportions.
While every period has its special claim on the need for collective wisdom and collaborative social action, we have engaged in this process with a special sense of urgency and deeply felt commitment to the challenges we face today at virtually every level in our society--from our smallest communities to the broadest global perspective.
The American special sense of humor and ability to entertain their own people - as well as people around the world - through Hollywood, through TV, through aggressively and imaginatively marketed icons like Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and most of all my favorite series The Simsons.
As if the Civil War game itself and trying to get bowl eligible aren't motivation enough, there's always a special sense of playing an unbeaten opponent ranked as the nation's best team.
After establishing our stewardship responsibility to God, Abbate develops the blessing that the beauty of nature is to provide for us, and the special sense of communion with God that we experience in a unique way when we are surrounded by God's creation.
She was a popular doctor, a favourite amongst all, and well known for her work ethic, enthusiasm, humility, caring nature and special sense of humour.
MAKING a new golf course needs vision, money and, in these tough times and in the Golf Northwest area, a special sense of determination.
Such investment makes special sense given international drinks majors are being increasingly assertive in China.
ItEoe1/4aos also the people of Muscat and their unique hospitality and friendliness, their generosity and charm, their wit and special sense of humour, their traditions and culture, that make this city such an unforgettable place,Eoe1/4A[yen] Anna stresses.
We also need that special sense of gravity and transfigured vision which gives the piece its unique quality, and here it didn't happen.
Others discussed in this special sense by Professor Hunt include FDR and his World War II advisers such as Cordell Hull.
Tree-lined streets and street meridians, sidewalk cafes and beautifully landscaped parks are all part of the design that creates a special sense of place.

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