special significance

See: emphasis
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In the distance we saw the bright-white light of an approaching airship, but we attached no special significance to so common a sight.
She repeated again with special significance the word so dreadful to her.
I did not understand then that there lay any special significance in his reference to other dainties.
For a time they carried no special significance to my mind--I merely was mildly wondrous that they were there; but at last they seemed to take form, and then I realized that there was but a single line of them, like writing.
So that he heard the approach of Kai Shang and Momulla, though he did not, of course, dream that it had any special significance for him.
On a quiet countryside, where all gossip is welcome, this weakness of the lady of the Manor House did not pass without remark, and it bulked larger upon people's memory when the events arose which gave it a very special significance.
It was no mere exhibition of athletic prowess, it was an intellectual treat, and one with a special significance in my eyes.
The President congratulated the speaker on the start of the regular session of the Parliament and noted its special significance for the deputies as it is the final sixth convocation of the Jogorku Kenesh
NEW DELHI, 20th August, 2019 (WAM) -- The Indian government has said the UAE's highest civil decoration, the Order of Zayed, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi would ceremonially receive in Abu Dhabi on his visit later this week, is of "special significance."
They said that this night has special significance for the Muslims in which angels descend on the earth with the orders of ALLAH Almighty for welfare of faithful till dawn of the day.
Jumatul Wida has a special significance for Muslim since it is a prelude to the departure of holy month of Ramazan and considered the harbinger of the end of the showering of divine blessings that characterizes the holy month.
Qureshi said bilateral relations between Pakistan and the US carried special significance for peace and stability in the region.

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