special skill

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I had always supposed that brickmaking was very simple, but I soon found out by bitter experience that it required special skill and knowledge, particularly in the burning of the bricks.
For once, and perhaps for the only time in my life, I used tact, and knew in what the special skill of courtiers and men of the world consists.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 29 (ANI): Border Security Force (BSF), National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and National Skill Development Fund (NSDF) are joining hands to provide special skill training to the serving, retiring, family members of BSF personnel serving or retired, martyrs' families and local population at the area of deployment
The actress said to Vulture that she is learning "a special skill.
2 : to do something needing special skill <The doctor had to perform surgery.
The new rates, which will take effect Aug 1, are: for advanced life support with only one special skill, $800 (up from $500); advanced life support with two or more special skills, $1,000 (up from $600); basic life support with no special skills, $600 (up from $400); oxygen, $75 (up from $60); mileage, $16 per mile (up from $13); intravenous, $150 (up from $125); intravenous with medication, $200 (up from $100); defibrillation, $150 (up from $100); extrication from vehicle, $400 (up from $250).
It takes special skill to get the word heard when alternatives are proclaimed so loudly.
When Garafola deals with context, which she does with special skill, she sometimes sets up a contrast, rather than a framework.
This difference constitutes an intangible asset that can be thought of as arising from the special skill, experience, knowledge and dedication of the owner or key employees and/or the unique product or service competitive advantages of the business.
The heist genre's essential defining element is the plot, which is conventionally structured around the planning and commission of a single crime of great significance by a disparate group of characters, each with his or her own special skill and assigned task, who come together to work as a team to take down the house.
Because constructing a new external auditory canal and tympanic membrane requires special skill, this surgery is usually performed by only a small number of otologic surgeons who have a special interest in this condition.
Escueta explained that applicants shall be evaluated based on the following criteria: Actual performance of the special skill or talent (75 percent), panel interview which shall reflect the personality of the applicant (15 percent) and potential to become an asset to the PNP organization (10 percent).

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