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SPECIAL SKILLS: The article reports that laws in the 1960s gave preference to immigrants who had special skills.
And Jensen says contractors do not need any special skills, techniques, or materials to lay the bricks.
Like a teenaged James Bond, Alex dispatches bad guys with his quick wits, special skills .
They are isolated from their peers and discouraged from visiting the classrooms of other teachers, not rewarded for special skills, expertise, or accomplishments, and given frequently useless opportunities for professional development and growth.
The system is easy to apply, requires no special skills, and can be applied by any in-house maintenance staff.
No, they'll have to price their services, as more molders should, on the basis of special skills, value added, and just plain nerve to try something that's a little "out there.
The bottom line is that the theater CINC specifies the special skills, personal qualities and training for security assistance positions and FAO Assignments Branch provides the Army officer best suited to perform the challenging job at hand.
Air force reservists and other personnel with special skills are among those being considered to be ordered to report to base.
The most well-known Special Skills Dogs are probably "Seeing Eye Dogs", who work with the blind.
His special skills for beating the city's maddening traffic and getting quickly from one point to another have earned him the nickname of "flash" or "the bullet.
He may be a nice man with special skills, but he is not a Christian.
Raw materials, processes, waste product and finished product may all present problems that require special skills or knowledge that only foundry employees possess.

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