special study

See: specialty
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They go to the university to put a mansard roof on their whole general education; but the German student already has his mansard roof, so he goes there to add a steeple in the nature of some specialty, such as a particular branch of law, or diseases of the eye, or special study of the ancient Gothic tongues.
For years he's been making this sort of thing a special study.
Lydgate's nature demanded this combination: he was an emotional creature, with a flesh-and-blood sense of fellowship which withstood all the abstractions of special study.
I have made a special study of cigar ashes -- in fact, I have written a monograph upon the subject.
These are the folk who must be your very special study.
He spoke on a quick succession of subjects,--on miracle-plays, on medieval pottery, on Stradivarius violins, on the Buddhism of Ceylon, and on the war-ships of the future,-- handling each as though he had made a special study of it.
This is partly because the amount of thoroughly great literature which they produced is small, and partly because for present-day readers it is in effect a foreign literature, written in early forms of English or in foreign languages, so that to-day it is intelligible only through special study or in translation.
This second individual wore a dress coat, and was some forty years of age; he was the general's special study servant, and well aware of his own importance.
ISLAMABAD -- A Joint Audit Special Study carried out to investigate the multi-billion-dollar LNG gas deal signed by Pakistan with Qatar has failed to evaluate the enormity of losses.
KUWAIT -- KUNA issues special study on agricultural projects carried out by Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in 2015.
This main is proposed to serve areas designated as "Stage 3" in the Clarksburg Master Plan and Hyattstown Special Study Area, approved and adopted in June 1994.

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