special study

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They go to the university to put a mansard roof on their whole general education; but the German student already has his mansard roof, so he goes there to add a steeple in the nature of some specialty, such as a particular branch of law, or diseases of the eye, or special study of the ancient Gothic tongues.
For years he's been making this sort of thing a special study.
Lydgate's nature demanded this combination: he was an emotional creature, with a flesh-and-blood sense of fellowship which withstood all the abstractions of special study.
I have made a special study of cigar ashes -- in fact, I have written a monograph upon the subject.
These are the folk who must be your very special study.
He spoke on a quick succession of subjects,--on miracle-plays, on medieval pottery, on Stradivarius violins, on the Buddhism of Ceylon, and on the war-ships of the future,-- handling each as though he had made a special study of it.
This second individual wore a dress coat, and was some forty years of age; he was the general's special study servant, and well aware of his own importance.
A special study visa arrangement for Lesotho learners and students
Riyadh, Sha'ban 1, 1436, May 19, 2015, SPA -- The Competition Council has called on whoever interested to express their points of views and feed back in the special study on the advertising sector, which included a visit and interview with a number of specialized facilities in this area, by filling out the appropriate survey's form through the Council's website, www.
The analysts also provided a special study in the report, which explores the natural gas market within the commercial trucking industry.
MILAN, Italy, May 11 (KUNA) -- A special study estimated on Monday that Expo Milano 2015 will increase foreign tourism spending this year to EURO 40 billion.

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