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Pamela Frank, LPC (Virginia): Specialist in: Child and Adolescent Counseling; Trauma Counseling
According to the legislative committee's report, the illegal ministerial decisions were modified in accordance with the specialists' demands after the ministry issued decisions during the past week obliging official copies of case documents to be sent to specialists and appointing specialists through their office not by name.
Full-time staff that support users in various capacities include a GIS Specialist, Map Librarian, Data and Government Information Librarian, and Statistical Consultant.
Nearly 16% of family physicians and slightly more than 2% of specialists work in rural areas.
Beginning with the principal's enthusiasm for me having the position, the school psychologists being very welcoming and offering assistance, other Resources Specialists in the district offering suggestions, and the speech & language specialist providing pointers, all afforded a sense of inclusion and ease with this new position.
First and foremost, the specialist would keep the referring doctor informed of the progress of the patient management.
Over the past few years, budget cuts trimmed staff and now the 10 library media specialists in the district's 15 schools have become merely "prep-time providers," according to Sandra George, media specialist at Riverside Central Elementary School in Rochester.
Management is responsible for the data that form the basis for the measurement, as well as the approach, methods and assumptions the specialist used in arriving at the fair value of an item.
Joe Konkel is co chair of the PIMA specialist group, and manager, maintenance and information technology, North American consumer products, at the Green Bay East Mill for Georgia-Pacific Corp.
Successful specialist-based camps need not abandon years of tradition for a 100 percent generalist approach, but camps can encourage program specialists to become more generalist in their outlook towards camp life in several ways.