specialist firearms officer

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specialist firearms officer (SFO)

a police officer who has been specially trained in the use of firearms. See also ARMED RESPONSE VEHICLE.
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And Sgt Mick Vent, a specialist firearms officer, explained that and the weapons could have been used to threaten and intimidate if they fell into the wrong hands.
Subhash Reddy, Specialist Firearms Officer (SFO), Jeedimetla said, "On Monday afternoon around 1 pm, we received information about fire here in GVK EMRI parking place."
But one of the officers involved in the programme, former UK Police specialist firearms officer Jamie Clark, was happy with the show.
He also represented several firearms officers in the inquest of Ian Terry who was a serving specialist firearms officer who was shot dead during a training exercise.
Those who succeed qualify as an authorised firearms officer (AFO) but to become a full-time armed cop, they have to be nominated to become a specialist firearms officer. They have to be special, as only one in every 60 candidates make it that far.
Sgt Winters has been a specialist firearms officer for nine years and currently works on Armed Response Vehicles.
Earlier in the inquest a specialist firearms officer - D10 - described the tactical operations.
Specialist firearms officer Anthony Long, 58, would not have had time to see whether Mr Rodney was doing anything before he came into his sights during the "hard stop" operation, jurors were told.
A specialist firearms officer made the weapon safe and it was later successfully test fired.
The specialist firearms officer, whose identity was hidden from the court and was referred to as "Ralph", was in charge of Black Team on the day of the shooting.
Nicolas Holliman, who lives on the 350-property estate, said he saw four officers with guns and rifles and a specialist firearms officer in a gas mask.
They now work for an independent company called Minerva NI Ltd which was set up by four former Specialist Firearms Officer Instructors.

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