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These are social sessions with the added bene-fit of access to specialist nurses and helpful treatments, such as aromatherapy massage.
These nurses also provide continuity of care as each patient is able to see the same specialist nurse throughout the entire process of treatment and after-care.
Barbara Young, Diabetes UK chief executive, said: "We are very concerned that at a time when numbers of people with diabetes across the region are increasing, there is a decrease in frontline diabetes specialist nurses.
There is growing evidence that specialist nurses improve the quality and effectiveness of cancer services, and reduce costs through avoiding hospital admissions and reduce length of stay.
In view of ongoing debates about the future positioning of college-based nursing education, an investigation regarding the incorporation of specialist nurse education into universities was needed.
Now a guidance document will be prepared to outline best practice and educate health commissioners on the benefits of protecting the specialist nurse post.
Respiratory specialist nurse Petula Garner, who was crowned RCN in Wales Nurse of the Year and Clinical Nurse Specialist award winner for 2013, was the first Respiratory Specialist Nurse in Powys.
Specialist Nurse Leader Community Forensic Children and Young People's Service, Stewart Hardie, started work back in 1996.
A FUND set up in memory of a Tyneside man who died from a rare form of cancer has paved the way for the region's first specialist nurse for sufferers of the disease.
THE NURSING Council is to progress its specialist nurse prescribing proposal but do more work on community nurse prescribing.
Mr Jones asked the Health Minister: "I was shocked to recently learn that there is only one MS specialist nurse covering North Wales.
SPECIALIST nurse Michelle Wild jumped at the opportunity to work towards a degree while doing the job she loves.

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