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The largest contributors to the number from among the specialistic hospitals are maternity hospitals as shown in the following table.
Carlo Setacci, Professor of Vascular Surgery and Chief of Department of General and Specialistic Surgery at University Hospital Santa Maria alle Scotte in Siena.
Contract award notice: Successive supplies of various disposable medical items divided into 133 packages for the provincial specialistic hospital for them.
Without trying to be specialistic in the matter, the presence of a great amount of virus is observed plagues, diseases and of external factors that affect the Pope harvests, by virtue of it, the producers have a great dependency of the pesticidas, which acquire them under diverse modalities of credit, to the present commercial houses in the zone, in unfavorable conditions of negotiation on the part of the producer, this situation generates a considerable deterioration of its yield, combined to the severe damages in the health and the atmosphere.

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