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Pacifica Consultants specializes in strategic team building and is able to access the best possible talent to make operations successful in Japan.
A fund manager who specializes in a yield substyle invests in stocks that pay higher dividends, as a percentage of the stock's value, than most other stocks.
Specializes in automotive, appliance, industrial, and electronics markets.
Specializes in designing and building injection molds for pipe fittings and PVC applications.
Svagna specializes in estate and income tax issues.
Sanseverino specializes in commercial leasing and brokerage.
He is based in New York and specializes in tax advisory services, identifying tax-saving strategies and international reporting on in-bound and out-bound transactions.
Specializes in precision injection molds and molding using engineering thermoplastics.
Specializes in extrusion and stretch-blow molds for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and personal-care products.
Posting 2001 revenues of $32 million, the company specializes in research and development, implementation technology, professional engineering services, navigation software, and multimedia services.
The team specializes in implementing automated testing tools and methodology solutions.
The company acquired a mortgage banking company in 1997 that specializes in originating, purchasing, selling and servicing mortgage loans.