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Specializes in multi-cavity, unscrewing, and large (over 20-ton) molds as well as closure, hot-runner, and stack molds.
Specializes in thin-wall packaging, data carriers, CD boxes, and medical parts.
Specializes in hot-runner and valve-gated molds for prototype or production.
Specializes in building molds for unscrewing closures and other packaging components.
Specializes in the design and building of molds and mold components for micromolding of injection molded parts.
Specializes in samll to medium-size multicavity precision molds.
Specializes in molded-in threaded inserts and contact pins.
Specializes in automotive, appliances and housewares.
Specializes in high-production, multicavity molds and molding for pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics, food, and general industry markets.
Specializes in ECNs and repair work for existing tooling.