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Credit, receivables and payables functions are no exceptions to this, and are prime candidates for shared services, where a smaller specialized team of professionals services global business units.
Community Networks of Specialized Care are teams of professionals such as behaviour therapists, social workers, nurses and psychologists who will diagnose and treat adults with a developmental disability.
The prime question emerges: "Is it economically viable for me to hand-dismantle this item into its various materials or should I send it to a more specialized processor?
The ICMICs will provide Specialized Resource Facilities and Services.
The Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Circuits have interpreted it to allow an enhancement when the attorneys have specialized expertise in a particular area of law; see Raines, 44 F3d 1355 1361 (7th Cir.
The existence of separate infrastructures (and specialized IT staff) for processing, accessing, storing, and distributing information reduces the time and labor needed for integrating a new application with existing information technology resources and increases the organization's flexibility and responsiveness to changing business conditions.
Specialized strength training can teach you how to run effectively, improving form and running stride.
There is a great need for mental health services and specialized training for Latino populations.
Specialized search engines vary widely in size, scope and the type of materials they encompass.
Co-sourcing arrangements with outside vendors allow the in-house auditors to retain responsibility for the internal audit process while relying on the outside entity for specialized technical skills and personnel.

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