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Wally Pratt, Chief Engineer for the HART Communication Foundation commented, "HART uses a specialized language for modeling process instruments called Device Description Language (DDL).
Heinle Publishing, a global provider of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials and the specialized language part of The Thomson Corporation, announced a software distribution arrangement with Abacus Communications of Ireland.
To accommodate the highly specialized language used in pharmaceutical research and development, a team of linguists from both Bristol-Myers Squibb and LexiQuest will collaborate on the development of a unique lexicon (dictionary) for the pharmaceutical industry using LexiQuest's Build product to facilitate the creation of the new semantic network.
series was published by Boston-based Heinle & Heinle, a division of Thomson Learning that focuses on specialized language publishing.
The services provide specialized language domains for vertical markets, such as finance, computers and medicine, helping to increase translation accuracy.
She covers new words, neologisms, and nonce words; analogy in English word formation; analogy in specialized language, in juvenile language, in journalistic language, and in literary works; and the acceptability of new analogical words.
A working knowledge of the specialized language related to seafaring is necessary for clear communications, as well as for the safety and well-being of the members of the scientific party and the ship's crew.
Beyond the Universe of Language for Specific Purposes: The 21st Century Perspective is an important book for the development of teaching, linguistic analysis and translation within different areas of specialized language due to the extremely wide range of topics, contexts and perspectives represented in the volume.
This obligates not only social activist researchers to reject "an overattachment to paradigms, typologies, and criteria for describing movements," but for social science scholars as well who may continue to codify and rely on specialized language and knowledge that only acts as a barrier to meaningful discussions between scholars and research participants (Choudry, 2015, p.
In both formats, customers can easily customize the vocabulary for their application, or create a set of specialized language models offline, and activate them selectively at runtime.
adding product names or person names at runtime), or create a set of specialized language models offline, and activate them selectively at runtime.
It would be wrong to reduce a specialized language purely to terminology, since it uses both terms, specialist designations, as well as nonlinguistic symbols in expressions where regular resources of a particular language are used; therefore, "[la lengua especializada] se puede definir como el uso de una lengua natural para exponer tecnicamente los conocimientos especializados" (2) (LERAT, 1997, p.

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