specialized language

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The Blejov Elementary School will offer an increased quality of education for its pupils by implementing three classrooms for vocational education - a specialized language classroom, a multimedia science classroom and an ICT classroom.
It discusses terminology, the theoretical framework of analogy in English word-formation, and analogy in different domains: specialized language, juvenile language, journalistic language, and literary works.
When he moved to the Northeast, he developed an interest in local dialects and worked closely with Bill Lancaster at the Centre for Northern Studies at Northumbria University, producing a number of books on Northeast dialect and a dictionary of Pitmantic, the specialized language developed by Northumberland miners.
A* Specialized language schools must be established, if people want to learn additional languages.
Based on a specialized language education infrastructure, university education based on the characteristics of the region and the strengths of cities and universities should be provided.
A working knowledge of the specialized language related to seafaring is necessary for clear communications, as well as for the safety and well-being of the members of the scientific party and the ship's crew.
Beyond the Universe of Language for Specific Purposes: The 21st Century Perspective is an important book for the development of teaching, linguistic analysis and translation within different areas of specialized language due to the extremely wide range of topics, contexts and perspectives represented in the volume.
This obligates not only social activist researchers to reject "an overattachment to paradigms, typologies, and criteria for describing movements," but for social science scholars as well who may continue to codify and rely on specialized language and knowledge that only acts as a barrier to meaningful discussions between scholars and research participants (Choudry, 2015, p.
In both formats, customers can easily customize the vocabulary for their application, or create a set of specialized language models offline, and activate them selectively at runtime.
Specifically, researchers suggest that students engage in academic language defined by Nagy and Townsend (2012) as "the specialized language, both oral and written, of academic settings that facilitates communication and thinking about disciplinary content" (p.
It would be wrong to reduce a specialized language purely to terminology, since it uses both terms, specialist designations, as well as nonlinguistic symbols in expressions where regular resources of a particular language are used; therefore, "[la lengua especializada] se puede definir como el uso de una lengua natural para exponer tecnicamente los conocimientos especializados" (2) (LERAT, 1997, p.18).
Assisted by Giuseppe Proietti, we started to read the trades, but we understood very little of the specialized language, the rules of the distribution business and their pricing system."

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