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Skrivanek prides itself on the ability to manage large, complex translation projects for our clients with specific attention to quality and specialized terminology," said Jaroslava Ouzka, Global Sales Manager.
Sprenger focuses on the middle tier of vocabulary--between the ordinary daily words that children commit to memory long before they begin school, and low-frequency specialized terminology.
In addition, the company has developed lexical acquisition technology to extract terminology automatically from business meeting materials containing specialized terminology vital to interpretation, in order to prevent speech recognition and translation accuracy from worsening due to the occurrence of unknown vocabulary items.
In the context of growing empirical evidence to lack of clear understanding of the language of the science content, undesirable student outcomes including difficulty in learning science and a lack of interest with their science content area, and chemistry being particularly loaded with specialized terminology of its own, this study analyzed the vocabulary in higher Secondary School chemistry textbooks published by NCERT.
Vocabulary needs to be built of high frequency words, specialized terminology and embellishments.
Crosby's presentation was the ease with which she navigated, and guided her audience through, the specialized terminology, particularly the daunting collection of acronyms, that her topic requires.
The CLREC team was able to coordinate accurate translations of technical, specialized terminology tailored specifically to JIATF's training mission," Wise said.
Her current concerns include specialized translations of EU law, specialized terminology of project management but also the influence of classical languages in the Romanian principalities culture.
Unlike an oral scientific text which has to be very expressive (for example a debate in the European Parliament about a community policy) the written scientific text is characterized by logical connections among clauses, sentences, fragments, clarity, the knowledge and use of specialized terminology and a specific style (fixed formulas, objectivity, impersonality, accessibility, precision, use of cliches and linguistic specificities: use of specialized terminology, monosemantics, neologies, enunciations consisting in main, complex, independent, enunciative clauses while coordination is predominant.
A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation provides with an overview on the relevance of Specialized Terminology in the field of Translation practices and can be set up as an essential introduction to both fields, specially aimed at university students.
This is an erudite yet accessible volume, for Basser has tried (for the most part successfully) to make his points transparent, and he is careful to explain meanings of specialized terminology.
For the most part Professor Neyrey confirms common assessments of themes, characters, and dynamics of the Fourth Gospel by expressing them in the specialized terminology and categories of classical rhetoric and cultural anthropology Yet the book is sprinkled with surprising assertions, e.
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