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The selection process itself may have several rounds: testing of language skills, knowledge of specialized terminology, technical skills and experience of the translators.
In response to the question "Which of the following resources do you use to help define a specific term in a specialized database?", Table 5 indicates students' familiarity with specialized terminology resources.
Collecting, transporting and treating garbage of Hanoi, concurrently reviewing and unifying the specialized terminology, finalizing the case report to submit to the leadership of the Ministry of Construction for consideration and decision.
"Skrivanek prides itself on the ability to manage large, complex translation projects for our clients with specific attention to quality and specialized terminology," said Jaroslava Ouzka, Global Sales Manager.
Sprenger focuses on the middle tier of vocabulary--between the ordinary daily words that children commit to memory long before they begin school, and low-frequency specialized terminology. She sets out an approach to getting these words first into pupils' semantic long-term memory and from there into their nonmotor procedural memory, or automatic memory.
This discrepancy regarding the assessment of the level of the use of specialized terminology and the complexity of the text raised different expectations regarding responsibilities for terminology research and target text quality (Differences 2 and 6 below).
The glossary is not much help, as it defines most words in terms of other specialized terminology. And the index does not include the beetles' common names.
Readers of this important contribution will appreciate Nash's lucid prose and streamlined, nuanced close readings, though readers not already well-versed in the specialized terminology of narrative theory may find certain claims less accessible.
In the context of growing empirical evidence to lack of clear understanding of the language of the science content, undesirable student outcomes including difficulty in learning science and a lack of interest with their science content area, and chemistry being particularly loaded with specialized terminology of its own, this study analyzed the vocabulary in higher Secondary School chemistry textbooks published by NCERT.
Vocabulary needs to be built of high frequency words, specialized terminology and embellishments.
Crosby's presentation was the ease with which she navigated, and guided her audience through, the specialized terminology, particularly the daunting collection of acronyms, that her topic requires.
"The CLREC team was able to coordinate accurate translations of technical, specialized terminology tailored specifically to JIATF's training mission," Wise said.
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