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In his address to the national Parliament on Thursday, Radev said the aim was to create a specialized unit that would act faster and would be better organized so that people who kill, torture or violate the rights of animals bear legal responsibility.
Security forces supported by a specialized unit defuse bobby-trapped cars left on a number of streets.
Nurlan Mamyrov said it was decided to establish a specialized unit that will be involved in runway coating, aprons, taxiways strips.
Relatives of the Matar family urged authorities to transfer the victims to Geitawi Hospital in Beirut, which has a specialized unit for burn injuries.
Other vicitims should call the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at (800) 908-4490.
Hsu says that CNFI members mainly come from the manufacturing sector and urgently need assistance from a specialized unit to help them set up distribution channels in China, especially when China has begun the 12th national five-year plan to build infrastructure and domestic demand.
Summary: Sana&'a, Rabi Al-Awwal 12, 1432, Feb 15, 2011, SPA -- Yemeni press sources have disclosed that the United States intends to allocate a sum of $ 75 million as an additional support for training facilities at a Yemeni specialized unit to fight terrorism.
Police forces formed a specialized unit to deal with the recent robbery and killing operations in the province in the past three months," General Fadel Radad told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
A specialized unit from the Lebanese army succeeded last Wednesday in dismantling two highly sophisticated spying systems in Barouk, southeast of Beirut and Sannine in northern Lebanon.
Damascus, (SANA)-Children with Cancer Support Association BASMA said that 467, 000 dollars were raised to build a second specialized unit at the Children Hospital in Damascus.
THE Field Investigative Unit is a specialized unit which provides a full range of criminal investigative services and support within the Army, to include investigations of senior Army leaders, cases with national attention and other designated sensitive situations as directed by the U.
The company said that it has launched Graystone Consulting, a specialized unit that would advise wealthy and institutional investors.

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