specialized vocabulary

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A glossary defines specialized vocabulary along with a selected bibliography and Further Information section, and further educational resources are found on, www.
Knowledgeable of specialized vocabulary (terminology) in English, Dari and/or Pashto,
Saturated in specialized vocabulary, vivid imagery, and quite a bit of humor, Mr.
By incorporating dictionary entries, highlighting specialized vocabulary, and explaining references to the cultural world my students are reading about, right in the text, it keeps the focus on reading without the constant interruption of looking up a word or a reference.
Undoubtedly, specialized vocabulary in teaching ESP is a primary goal and a fundamental and important component in the course of learning (Liuoliene, Metiuniene 2012: 56).
The new edition has many new features developed to provide practical help with writing to students as well as access to specialized vocabulary by subject areas.
Instructors know the concepts and specialized vocabulary to be mastered, the materials and activities to be used, the sequence of growth and maturity, as well as the types of learning to be measured and evaluated in certain academic disciplines (White, 2004).
Consequently, the purpose of written mediation is to facilitate students' comprehension of technical texts, students' acquisition of specialized vocabulary in their field of study (e.
Due to its level of detail and specialized vocabulary, this book is probably better suited to the student or scholar of Indian history than the general reader.
Recognize and pronounce specialized vocabulary, acronyms and abbreviations needed to function effectively as a health care provider in the United States.
To develop sufficient vocabulary that supports beginning reading acquisition and future reading comprehension, early literacy programs need to provide strong foundational root and specialized vocabulary geared to the academic content domains and build them up over multiple exposures (Stahl, 2003; Walsh, 2003).
The 18,000-plus entries are arranged in English alphabetical order and cover both everyday and more specialized vocabulary.

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