specially prepared

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As for the Golden Water it was poured into a great marble basin specially prepared for it, and it swelled and bubbled and then shot up into the air in a fountain twenty feet high.
The specially prepared train started its journey on last Thursday, and will travel 4,000 kilometres in a month, from Islamabad to Karachi via Peshawar, Lahore and Quetta.
Over 65 temple elephants in Kerala are given a specially prepared feed with medicines during the peak monsoon months of July and August.
For courier company DHL, it's increasingly common to see 'packages' such as live animals, specially prepared food or lifesaving medicines being transported across the continent, as well as some unique personal client requests.
Feature specially prepared salads, sandwiches, soups, fresh baked goods, fruit & vegetable drinks, plus nutritional products & supplements.
Eid is celebrated worldwide by Muslims taking pride in wearing new clothes, being offered gifts, sweets and money and meeting friends and relatives and eating specially prepared food.
Twenty-two year old Canadian singer, songwriter and composer Joanie Charron will sing a selection of jazz, rock, pop and folk songs while she skates on an ice rink specially prepared for her.
Pupils added specially prepared pieces of art and written work to the capsule which was planted in the grounds of the new HQ.
The PCSO gave a specially prepared presentation which highlighted the benefits and usefulness of the OurBobby.
They celebrated the opening by cutting a cake specially prepared by students of the nearby University College, and joined more than 70 guests, including customers and suppliers of Interactive and representatives of Heart Research UK, Interactive's nominated charity.
The car has been specially prepared for the film with metallic gold paint and an exclusive combination of exterior graphics and interior trim.
The event will feature a live auction and more than 60 premium wines with a strolling supper specially prepared by Opus One.

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