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in short, Britain was secure that being British was special enough, while the United States, like the Soviet Union, views its specialness as ideological and subject to repeated verification.
One sure way to ruin that specialness is to convert churches into cogs in some giant partisan political machine.
Sometimes I can hear inner speech; that's my gift, my one specialness, to pick up sentences now and then, and the voices people talk to themselves in.
While encouraging people to be "grown up enough to believe in their own specialness without the need to belittle their neighbors," Steele positively belittled gay critics of same-sex marriage by suggesting that we simply "recoil at same-sex domesticity and parenting because these things threaten the sexy outlaw status that is precious to [our] self-image.
My first reservation here is not simply the result of some old-fashioned insistence on the specialness of poetic language, my second is not a 'deconstructionist' critique of Gidal's reliance on binary oppositions.
Being there, surrounded by signs of aristocracy and royalty and the casual belief in their specialness, I could not accept that any person could be entrusted with power, with a halo, or even with respect simply due to an accident of birth.
But the specific forms of play for children in the United States also grew from the aggressive development of an untrammeled market economy, and that economy created spaces for play both as necessary outlets for the release of energy and in response to the new view of the specialness of childhood.
It is our history; it is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; it is our honor and specialness as a democracy.
survive on our personality, which is that branded information, that specialness,'' he said.
The yield on the 30-year bond increased, which some view as an indication of heightened inflation fears (although long rates are lower than they were a year ago); however, it also may mark a decline in the specialness of long bonds as deficits become more likely.
Paradoxically, he suggests, our strong sense of specialness and apartness might bring us closer together--if only we could laugh at ourselves.
If, as these ethicists conclude, there is no deep moral objection to our playing God--carefully--then a detailed analysis of life's mechanisms is simply a means to an end, not an intrinsic threat to the specialness of life or our attachment to human beings and other creatures.

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