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And it would also explain why the descriptive specialness of my attitudes translates into a normative specialness.
One way retailers could communicate the specialness of premium own-brand products via packaging is by tying into some current premium packaging trends.
Cantaloupes and strawberries, peaches and apples Their specialness gone, despite your taste bud's grapples.
Our specialness on the motorway extends to so many areas that we even amaze ourselves.
The specialness of the day doesn't seem to interrupt the relentless drumbeat of violence that I have talked about so much on the streets of New Orleans," he said.
Darb Al-Barabra is a testament of Egyptian history and society; it has witnessed many political and social fluctuations and its buildings, homes and older inhabitants hold many stories which reflect the authenticity and the specialness of the area.
It's a luxury, a beautiful wine, and a good way to impress a lady and celebrate the specialness of the moment, he said.
His topics include non-positively curved cube complexes, virtual specialness of malnormal amalgams, finiteness properties of the dual cube complex, walls in cubical small-cancellation theory, and hyperbolicity and quasiconvexity detection.
Their specialness is the very core of their identity.
If all this sounds a bit cliched, then readers of contemporary supernatural literature will not be shocked to find out that Dez's first stop after discovering her nature is a school for otherkin, where her aura of specialness brings her under the suspicions and jealousies of her classmates.
In your quest to be special, to communicate lots of nice things about yourself, you lose your specialness completely.
And, if all goes as it should, our country will take on a fresh coat of specialness and interest, from you and your travel companions seeing a small part of it.

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