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Most of the time we think of them as falling in the broad category of printing and writing grades, but there are certainly specialties outside these categories.
Interdisciplinarity must, at the very least, involve the use of the knowledge and skill involved in two specialties from different disciplines, and for the moment we will assume that the interesting cases are those involving the application of expertise in the two specialties, not an insider's knowledge of one specialty and an outsider's knowledge of a second.
The agreement imposes four basic limitations on restricted specialties and areas.
Although the Task Force concluded that broad and narrow tax specialties were not necessarily mutually exclusive, it recommended that the AICPA should first consider accrediting a broad specialty, which would be more representative of the average CPA's tax practice.
The specialties identified by the Institute's specialization accreditation board represent dynamic aspects of our practices, from business valuation to computer consulting, from financial forecasting to estate taxation.
Lead physicians of each entity serve on the plan's Quality Management committee and are in the process of collaborating in the development of programs customized to the needs of their own specialties.
The Tax Division task force concluded that the accreditation of both narrow and broad tax specialties was not mutually exclusive.
There were significant differences in responses to certain questions among various specialties.
The American Board of Medical Specialties was founded by the four existing specialty boards, the American Hospital Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges the Federation of State Medical Boards, the American Medical Association Council on Medical Education and Hospitals, and the National Board of Medical Examiners at a meeting in 1933.

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