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Species differences are typically explained in terms of the effect of verbal behavior on human performance; the so-called "language hypothesis" (cf.
Biotic factors that may influence the severity of wind on forests have been identified for decades; they include: a) stem size, b) stand conditions, c) species differences, and d) tree pathogens (e.
Smaller physiognomic and plant species differences between islands were associated with differences in species distribution between islands.
Now, according to a report in Nature News, evolutionary geneticist Soojin Yi of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, together with Daven Presgraves of the University of Rochester in New York, have reanalyzed the data and suggest that species differences in the levels of female promiscuity can account for the chromosomal inconsistency.
The five chapters here cover and "omics" approach to the context of environmental toxicology, a selection of surrogate animal species for comparative toxicogenomics, species differences in response to toxic substances in terms of shared pathways of toxicity and the accompanying mode of action, bioinformatic approaches and computational models for data integration and cross-species extrapolation, and the extension of molecular and computational information to risk assessment and regulatory decision making.
Whether it's chimpanzees mysteriously dying during research procedures at Yerkes Primate Research Center in Atlanta; monkeys having recording equipment implanted into their skulls and head holders screwed into their brains at the National Eye Institute in Bethesda, Maryland; pregnant monkeys being subjected to bouts of stress in small, darkened boxes at the University of Wisconsin; or continued, non-conclusive HIV vaccine tests on chimpanzees, despite species differences in responses to HIV; egregious, unethical and unnecessary research on primates continue at a large scale in this country.
Song learning: innate species differences in the learning process.
However more research will be needed to determine whether electric discharges increase species differences - or reflect them.
Among the topics are the nomenclature and molecular biology of the human sulfotransferase family, the pharmocogenetics and pharmacogenomics of sulfate conjugation, molecular cloning of the human cytosolic sulfotransferases, sulfotransferases in the human fetus and neonate, estrogen sulfotransferase in breast cancer, species differences in cytosolic sulfotransferases, and the activation and inactivation of carcinogens and mutagens by human sulfotransferases.
We have created a capability that permits us to systematically explore species differences and understand the impact of those differences on human efficacy.