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u] only; moreover no particular R is specifiable, in agreement with one of the basic hypotheses of the relativity according which all reference systems are equivalent to describe the physical systems.
it should be specifiable independently of the structures that are interpretable); and it should respect exclusivity by not looking for external explanation (105-106).
But the lack of a canon and the itinerant educational goals associated with an interdisciplinary approach present their own problems: educational goals "can rarely be stated in terms as student mastery of a specifiable body of knowledge, although certain skills may be identified.
Rescorla holds that Millikan's teleosemantics isolate naturalistically specifiable facts by virtue of which a state or event has truth-conditions.
The intention is to furnish a psychology that shall be a natural science: that is, to represent psychical processes as quantitatively determinate states of specifiable material particles, thus making those processes perspicuous and free from contradiction.
Stricter selection criteria can be applied by checking whether the tilt angle or degree of straightness for each connection unit is within a specifiable tolerance.
In this view, specifiable behavioral changes are to be made by both providers and patients if they expect to reap the full benefits of the PCMH.
Half the lines on these most-dangerous roads fall below the minimum specifiable standards, the association added.
So every mechanical causal sequence exemplifies some universal generalization and that generalization has a precisely specifiable scope" (2007, 80-81, italics in original).
To make matters more difficult still, if the theory is to be one of common law constitutionalism, it has to call on concepts developed by the courts, and yet if it is to be democratic in the sense that it is specifiable independently of judicial review, the decision maker's obligation should be explicable without reference to the historical role of judges on review.
Even without the usual complexities introduced by derivatives, securitisation and the like, carbon traders do not know what they are selling; paper 'reductions' may bear little specifiable relation to the changes in industrial practice or energy production that are needed for meaningful climate action.
Cochrane says "the transference of information between individuals is cultural transmission" (page 3), and "information can be passed between individuals with no a priori specifiable temporal or spatial boundaries .