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it should be specifiable independently of the structures that are interpretable); and it should respect exclusivity by not looking for external explanation (105-106).
An oligomer is a molecule that consists of a specifiable number of monomers (usually less than five).
Stricter selection criteria can be applied by checking whether the tilt angle or degree of straightness for each connection unit is within a specifiable tolerance.
Fifth, the act of narration frequently has a specifiable function in poems, such as self-clarification, self-identification, overcoming a crisis or negotiating a necessary transition.
Half the lines on these most-dangerous roads fall below the minimum specifiable standards, the association added.
Categories included all research and development (typically is not specifiable, is highly relational, and entails fluid requirements); all contract types other than firm-fixed price, fixed-price-with-economic-price-adjustment, and fixed-price-award-fee (indicators of low specifiability and fluid requirements); construction (highly susceptible to post-award changes); and all contracts not awarded under full and open competition.
So every mechanical causal sequence exemplifies some universal generalization and that generalization has a precisely specifiable scope" (2007, 80-81, italics in original).
To make matters more difficult still, if the theory is to be one of common law constitutionalism, it has to call on concepts developed by the courts, and yet if it is to be democratic in the sense that it is specifiable independently of judicial review, the decision maker's obligation should be explicable without reference to the historical role of judges on review.
Also, to proclaim a universal right to a good, without regard to whether there is a specifiable obligation-holder, is to cheapen the language of rights.
From October 2006 through September 2008, at least 23 specifiable AIV infections were detected at the sentinel stations by the fortnightly swabbing.
Table 2 above shows that the phonological environments in which the labio-velar glide [w] is epenthesized are as specifiable as those for the palatal approximant [j].
This organized Movement is specifiable for particular purpose and direction like what have been done by the founders of the SPLM-DC; emphasizing Democratic Change (DC).