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A picture of a brain on the product label, followed by a specific health claim relating to prevention of fatigue due to a vitamin, should satisfy requirements.
In Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc., 34 TC 416 (1960), the court allowed a bad-debt deduction under the specific charge-off method when the taxpayer's book entries consisted of a credit to a new reserve account.
With staff focused on very specific tasks, versus spread across a common category, the tracking is much simpler and should be done daily.
This would allow us to ensure that students were not merely completing a required number of service hours that may not give them the opportunity to utilize their discipline-specific skills, and also ensure that projects were not too specific to one area of their discipline.
(23) The research sampled a college campus population and found that a general fear of crime was not a significant influencing factor, but, rather, specific, objective knowledge of both the potential exposure to likely offenders and the characteristics of the surrounding area caused changes in the routines of probable victims.
While it may not answer all of your questions, it may tell you key bits of information such as what specific aspects of the agreement may have not been met or the address where you may send your complaint.
With this information, a buyer can: a) agree with the seller's valuation and submit an aggressive bid; b) walk away from the deal if it is overvalued; c) consider options such as earn-outs to keep the seller with some "skin" in the game; or d) develop purchase price adjustments targeting the buyer's specific financial concerns.
The central nervous system (CNS) stores, initiates, controls, and sends vital efferent (i.e., from brain to muscle) information to the working muscles regarding the specific muscle firing pattern, body positioning, and appendage (i.e., arms/legs) speed.
Glavin (2004; the third author of this article) differentiated between psychological tests, which represent an internal measurement of a specific personality trait, type, or competency, and psychosocial tests, which measure an individual's ability to adapt to the environment.