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The regression was computed taking tuber specific gravity mean performance of cultivars over years and locations as independent variable and over all mean performance of dry matter and starch contents as dependent (response) variables.
It was observed that with the increase in storage days, specific gravity also increased.
Figure 4 displays specific gravity ranges for different types of applications.
The specific gravity and bending strength increase linearly with the volume fraction of fiber.
4,5) However, in most cases, the specific gravity scale that was used to obtain these values is not identified, thus reducing the clinical value of this information.
As gel flotation patterns are reflective of the relative density of the separator gel, the observed differences in gel flotation patterns between different specimen tube types are predictive of the specific gravity at which gel flotation occurs in clinical samples.
AFS 4409-00-S, Specific Gravity, Baume Hydrometer Method
This overburden weight, when added to the concrete set-on weight, is the reason the specific gravity of a pipeline using concrete is less than when using auger anchors.
Specific gravity is a property, which can yield information on the bulk composition and volume percent of gas bubbles.
Clone 3 environment interactions are important sources of variation for many polygenic traits in potatoes, such as specific gravity (Haynes et al.
For example, the measurement of urinary creatinine and specific gravity is performed by these laboratories to determine whether a specimen is abnormally dilute (1).