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The specific gravity and bending properties vary with height location.
4,5) However, in most cases, the specific gravity scale that was used to obtain these values is not identified, thus reducing the clinical value of this information.
As gel flotation patterns are reflective of the relative density of the separator gel, the observed differences in gel flotation patterns between different specimen tube types are predictive of the specific gravity at which gel flotation occurs in clinical samples.
The sugar sand on this job had a specific gravity of 1.
Specific gravity is a property, which can yield information on the bulk composition and volume percent of gas bubbles.
In addition, urinary pH, specific gravity, and creatinine clearance were monitored during the course of the study.
On the demand side, exporters and strategic planners focusing on polyethylene in primary forms with a specific gravity of less than 0.
To keep the moisture content and specific gravity workload manageable, it was decided (coin toss) to collect data from only even-numbered trees.
When the Baume test is used in combination with the Specific Gravity Gravimetric Method, the combined results can be a more useful diagnostic tool.
The compounds range in specific gravity from 2 to 11.
Adding terpolymer FKM (Viton B) to the recipe increased durometer and specific gravity and decreased tensile strength.
Q On routine urinalysis, we perform specific gravity using a dipstick.