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The thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity values measured from laser flash are listed in Fig.
2] x h x [degrees]F/Btu a = correction factor for difference in upward and downward heat transfer, c = specific heat capacity, J/kg x K = 2.
The literature study showed that the specific heat capacity of kukersite oil shale has been investigated by a number of researchers till the 1970s.
p] values for coatings can be measured by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) using ASTM E1269, "Determining Specific Heat Capacity by DSC," or the instrument manufacturer's instructions.
Thennograms are plotted as excess specific heat capacity (cal/[degrees]C x g) vs temperature.
Specific heat of wet chips or fibers is a combination of the specific heat of the oven dry wood and the moisture, thus it is a function of MC.
Data are recorded during both heating and cooling phases of the measurement, and a mathematical non-linear least-squares-inverse procedure is implemented in firmware to fit the data to solutions of the differential equations and find the values of specific heat and thermal conductivity.
In soils, heat transfer can be described by thermal properties such as thermal conductivity, specific heat, and density.
One oil commonly used in stir-frying is sesame seed oil, which has a high specific heat so you cook faster, leading to a fresher final dish.
Water has a much higher specific heat than wood and subsequently cools down or heats up much more slowly than wood under similar conditions.
Other optional software packages enable users to determine specific heat, purity, crystallinity, and kinetic behaviors under various conditions.