specific quality

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Each contract contains specific quality measures that relate to patient care, and Coastal strives to meet or exceed the target for a total of 143 quality measures, while at the same time attempting to reduce the overall cost of care for their patient population.
Tenders are invited for Stationery And General Store Items Of Specific Quality
John Medical Center has received the Mission: Lifeline[R] Gold Receiving Quality Achievement Award for implementing specific quality improvement measures outlined by the American Heart Association for the treatment of patients who suffer severe heart attacks.
It's expandable, modular approach offers producers flexibility to address specific quality needs with modules for high-accuracy on-line finish gauging, seal surface, sidewall and base defect management as well as label inspection.
Embassy Accounts" will maintain specific quality standards in terms of refrigeration, velocity, draft line cleanliness and use of clean glassware.
In addition, the Medical Director will have responsibility for oversight of specific Quality, Safety and Performance metrics.
Plant scientists predominantly from the Mediterranean region look first at improving specific quality traits, then at improving the quality of a number of specific fruits.
Crisil has set five project- specific quality parameters, which it will use for the ratings.
The Compliance Team also offers a similarly simplified accreditation program for Diagnostic Sleep Labs that features plain language, service specific quality standards and implementation assistance throughout.
Finally, the specific quality of curricular provisions in preschool services can control the effects of both familial and child risk factors and promote resiliency.
The individual 25-minute full color live action programs focuses upon a specific quality of good character.
There are clearly a great many things for arable farmers to consider including tailoring what they produce and sell to what their customers need' accessing higher value markets by producing crops with specific quality traits and how climate change is likely to influence the crops that can be grown here in Wales.