specific quality

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We may therefore state that those things are said to be possessed of some specific quality which have a name derived from that of the aforesaid quality, or which are in some other way dependent on it.
The two sides also stressed the importance of the Saudi-Swiss Business Council's role in the promotion of business and investment activities between the two countries, and its contribution to current development issues, especially in the fields of high-tech precision industries and the search for specific quality investment opportunities.
The probiotic group reported an improvement in the scores from baseline to pollen peak compared with placebo, demonstrating significant improvement in rhinoconjunctivitis specific quality of life during allergy season in otherwise healthy individuals with self-reported seasonal allergies.
The emphasis and focus was on common quality rather than country specific or geography specific quality.
For special processes, specific quality aspects can be emphasized with the help of the LPKF tech paper on stencil quality.
The FDA has recently--as of July 2015--designed a plan to use specific quality metrics to help their agency further evaluate the quality of the facilities and processes that drug manufacturers use to make FDA-regulated products.
It's expandable, modular approach offers producers flexibility to address specific quality needs with modules for high-accuracy on-line finish gauging, seal surface, sidewall and base defect management as well as label inspection.
In addition, the Medical Director will have responsibility for oversight of specific Quality, Safety and Performance metrics.
Plant scientists predominantly from the Mediterranean region look first at improving specific quality traits, then at improving the quality of a number of specific fruits.
Crisil has set five project- specific quality parameters, which it will use for the ratings.
The Compliance Team also offers a similarly simplified accreditation program for Diagnostic Sleep Labs that features plain language, service specific quality standards and implementation assistance throughout.
Finally, the specific quality of curricular provisions in preschool services can control the effects of both familial and child risk factors and promote resiliency.