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In order to utilize the data, a transformation to a specific viscosity as a function of a reduced time is necessary, as described before and seen in Eq.
Specific viscosity was measured at 25[degrees]C with 5 mg/ml of phenol/1,1,2,2,-tetrachloroethane (70/30 by weight) solution using a NCY Automatic Viscometer equipped with a JWC-52B thermostatic controller (S.
The instrument can be custom configured for specific viscosity ranges.
Three kinds of chloroform solutions each containing the PET fibers and having a different concentration were prepared and a dropping time of the solutions was measured using an Ubbelohde viscometer, and thereafter, a specific viscosity of the solutions having the respective concentrations was calculated and the intrinsic viscosity thereof was determined.
Furthermore, this equation can be rewritten under a slightly different form giving an explicit expression of the specific viscosity as a function of polymer concentration (Eq.

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