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Thus, taxpayers may accelerate the deduction for some portion of the bad-debt reserve if entries to the allowance account are accompanied by contemporaneous documentation indicating that the allowance is intended to reflect the partial worthlessness of specifically identifiable business bad debts occurring within the tax year.
However, section 56 does not specifically provide that a deduction allowed under section 216 is disallowed in computing a taxpayer's AMT.
Specifically developed for superintendents, supervisors, managers, and engineers
The Venus kayak is the first sit-on-top specifically designed for the average woman's build.
The status of the closed Memphis melt shop has also not been specifically addressed by Nucor, either in its letter or in the conference call, except that it is not among the assets Nucor would specifically want as part of its initial offer.
Specifically, the broker must prove that it generated the chain of circumstances that proximately led to the transaction.
Vocational Education Although Samuel Cotton's study does not take place specifically in a community college, it addresses the needs of vocational education.
These areas are all specifically detailed in the NRA Manual for Accessibility, which also contains a building access survey form.
Freedom-2 inks will be specifically designed to react to the Candela removal device, dramatically improving the responsiveness of the ink, and resulting in Freedom-2 ink tattoo removal in a single treatment.
Taxpayer's view: According to the taxpayer, time-reporting engineers do not specifically record their time to alpha codes.
Mahony responded in a letter to Parks on Thursday without specifically mentioning the prior meeting between detectives and archdiocese officials.
It also rejected any attempt to apply prior rules because the current version did not specifically identify the changes.

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