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MIPI DisCo's software specifications reduce fragmented solutions and will help component vendors promote greater adoption of their products and technologies, said Rob Gough, chair of the MIPI Alliance Software Working Group.
Section 257, contractor-designed retaining walls, is an innovation that illustrates the movement toward performance specifications. Instead of detailing the retaining wall to be constructed, this specification allows the contractor to design and construct the type of wall most suited to the firm's knowledge and equipment, as long as the wall meets certain design parameters for retaining walls.
The three new specifications will now be sent to ETSI for formal standardisation and the relevant BlueBooks will be published shortly.
"The wide variations of the HDD projects in terms of complexity and sensitivity to business environments make it difficult to come up with specification that is supposed to be specific, but the specifics may not be workable across the board for all kinds of HDD projects.
The field trial will implement the DCI specifications for both the 4K format of 4,096 by 2,160 pixels (total resolution of eight million pixels) and the 2K format at 2,048 by 1,080 pixels (total resolution of two million pixels.)
The ATAPI specification was not designed to handle the fast transfer rates (up to 62.5MB/second) of the latest AIT generations.
JSSGs are tools not only for developing a program-unique specification, but also for facilitating communication between government and industry engineering communities.
"Raritan Computer is pleased to have worked with AMD in developing the OPMA specification, which will significantly benefit the industry," said Marc Schweig, vice president of Strategy and Business Development at Raritan Computer.
The requirement for all finished blends to meet the diesel fuel specification is only a short-term measure.
Established in 1996, GlobalSpec leverages the Internet, searchable database technology and engineering specifications to provide extensive search capabilities for engineers and technical buyers worldwide.
In an attempt to create order from potential chaos, professional specification writers have endorsed and initiated efforts to structure and standardize the mass of materials within each project manual.

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