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the specificities of delivered services (emergency physical rehabilitation amongst others): those tailored and individualized services aim at better covering the multi-layered needs of the above-mentioned vulnerable groups.
Finally, the sensitivities and specificities obtained from our retrospective study were compared with the sensitivities and specificities of the historical cohort by using the Fisher exact method.
The true values for the optimal Youden index and cutoff and the corresponding true maximum sensitivities and specificities were calculated from the true underlying distribution of test results among individuals with the disease and those without the disease.
As expected, C1, C2, and C3 showed increasing sensitivities in accordance with their intended sensitivity levels (C1 being the least sensitive, C3 being the most), but with decreasing specificities as sensitivity increases.
would mobilize a sort of "war machine"--it would engage an ongoing struggle with developers, politicians, engineers, government agencies, and professors to introduce the fresh air of a new kind of urbanism, a new way of thinking about cities, which analyzes specificities while multiplying possibilities in the manner of Nietzschean "gaiety.
Key results were verified in vivo and helped define new specificities for kinases and sequence motifs for target proteins.

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