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Flatau and Emrich (2011) is the only study to compare ESS students and non-ESS students to examine the effectiveness of centralized governance structures relative to that of decentralized structures in the production of long-term future sporting success by the site and physical asset specificity of the production.
The sensitivity and specificity of each one of the previous LVH voltage criteria in patients with anterior wall MI were compared with a historical cohort of patients without anterior wall MI.
If 80% of patients without RA do not have RF, then the specificity of RF for RA is 80%.
BSGI has comparable sensitivity but superior specificity when compared to MRI.
In the early phases of test development, when the exact role of the index test has not been fully defined and thus the consequences of incorrect test results have not yet been determined, the preference for choosing the optimal cutoff value is often a criterion that weighs both sensitivity and specificity equally.
This specificity helps eliminate needless confirmation effort, and cost, and helps streamline a company's safety and quality processes.
Vilchez (1) raised questions regarding the specificity of the SV40 viruslike particle (VLP)-based ELISA used to detect SV40 infection in temple monkeys (2).
Key selection criteria will include fibrin specificity and other parameters important for stroke.
In a 20-month period in which 79 serious outcomes occurred during the 7-day period after each visit for syncope, the rule identified patients who had those outcomes with 96% sensitivity and 62% specificity (Ann.
There was a focus on the issue of cultural validity and cultural specificity in career assessment.
A recorded voice-over, tongue-in-cheek and hilarious, describes a series of projected images of a half-broken-down/half-unfinished Mexican hotel, as Smithson represented an entropic process (he termed it "de-architecturization") in no way consistent with medium specificity.
While the specificity of training principle has been demonstrated in many studies over the years, only one has found no improvement in peak aerobic performance in those who resistance train concurrently with endurance training--until now.

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