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Employers must understand how to determine whether an employee is a specified employee so that the plan is operated in accordance with Sec.
The specified carpeting utilizes non-PVC backing, is low-VOC, and is fully recyclable.
As such, a strict and literal interpretation of a policy provision requiring that disability be immediate, or from the date of the accident, or follow the accident within a specified number of days, would lead to an unjust result and would unreasonably restrict the coverage of the policy.
If so, the taxpayer may not treat the service as a specified covered service.
Spouses of specified individuals, as well as other related business entities, also may be specified individuals.
I would like to comment on the importance of tracking metrics associated with two aspects of total life cycle costs of an acquisition system: (1) MCTR (Mean Cost to Repair)--total cost to implement all corrective and routine maintenance actions over a specified number of missions/total number of corrective and routine maintenance actions during specified number of missions; and (2) MCTO (Mean Cost to Operate)--total cost to operate system during a specified number of missions/total number of missions
Critical nets may not be within a specified distance of the edge of their reference plane.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 28, 2005 - (JCNN) - Japanese market researcher Fuji Keizai has published a report on the specified health food market in Japan.
13, Compilation of Specified Elements, Accounts, or Items of a Financial Statement (No.
However, it is challenging to develop, manage, and enforce a contract for software services that will ensure that the contractor delivers the specified services or end product within prescribed levels of performance and quality.
The utility computing model requires that data and applications always be available, that services be delivered at specified levels, and that IT processes be automated.

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