specified period of time

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Abbassi said that the units could be restored only after they submit an undertaking that the treatment facilities would be installed in a specified period of time.
The system is to work by using Audi's in-car communications system, Connect, with the help of which DHL delivery drivers will be able to track a customer's vehicle over a specified period of time and then use a digital access code to unlock the boot.
On 6 February 2015, the company's board of directors adopted an amendment to the Amended and Restated Bylaws by affirmative vote of a majority of the directors, to permit the board to grant a leave of absence to a director for a specified period of time that shall not exceed six months.
If the Seller is late to deliver or transfer the goods to the agreed upon period, shortcomings or delays within a specified period of time (to submit the missing quantities of goods to replace the goods of suitable quality products), it is the buyer pays 0.
Horses will be held for a specified period of time, after which attempts will be made to re-home them.
Perhaps now is the time to enact a new law so you can only stand for Parliament or become a minister if you have paid the correct amount of tax here in the UK for a specified period of time (years).
3]te d'Azur, the incubator is to host, initially, about 10 entrepreneurs in order to assist them in a specified period of time with a view to easing, later on, their access to funding.
The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in the case of senior postmaster GPO vs Harjinder Singh 1986- 1995 Consumer 1293 ( NC) has held that " Section 6 of the Post Office Act does not operate to preclude claims for compensation being made against the postal department for non- delivery of articles dispatched by Speed Post because the postal department undertakes to deliver the articles within specified period of time and in consideration ther
Capped policies only cover your pet against a condition for a specified period of time and is usually subject to financial limits.
They have a specified period of time to rectify these problems or face prosecution.
Also, local councils should be allowed to issue fixed penalty notices to out-oftown drivers found to have worked or sought work for a specified period of time within a district where they do not hold a licence.
The term of the equity line of credit is 60 months and stipulates that Montavo, at its sole discretion, may sell shares of common stock that is calculated using an agreed-upon formula based on near-term historical market share price over a specified period of time, with each Put calculated with a floor price set by Montavo.

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