specified period of time

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If the Seller is late to deliver or transfer the goods to the agreed upon period, shortcomings or delays within a specified period of time (to submit the missing quantities of goods to replace the goods of suitable quality products), it is the buyer pays 0.
Perhaps now is the time to enact a new law so you can only stand for Parliament or become a minister if you have paid the correct amount of tax here in the UK for a specified period of time (years).
The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in the case of senior postmaster GPO vs Harjinder Singh 1986- 1995 Consumer 1293 ( NC) has held that " Section 6 of the Post Office Act does not operate to preclude claims for compensation being made against the postal department for non- delivery of articles dispatched by Speed Post because the postal department undertakes to deliver the articles within specified period of time and in consideration ther
Capped policies only cover your pet against a condition for a specified period of time and is usually subject to financial limits.
They have a specified period of time to rectify these problems or face prosecution.
Also, local councils should be allowed to issue fixed penalty notices to out-oftown drivers found to have worked or sought work for a specified period of time within a district where they do not hold a licence.
The contracts announced at the end of the second oil licensing round will provide a good opportunity for the Iraqi oil sector because they will increase production during a specified period of time to levels that are in line with Iraq's oil reservesC*," Jabbar al-Halafy told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
SimpliFi also details how much is needed to save for retirement over a specified period of time and recommend types of investment to consider.
It is worth mentioning that the campaign includes field missions by a team consisting of representatives from each of al-Markazia and the Jordan Traffic Institute, in which these representatives watch a driver for a specified period of time to make sure the driver fits the specific criteria previously set
non-prime time, coverage on 130+ television channels and date wise reporting of coverage over a specified period of time.
An automatic log-out feature removes temporary functional groups at the end of a shift while also clearing system users that have been off of the network for a specified period of time.
Some jurisdictions have limited the process-of-nature rule to policies that contain ambiguous provisions such as requiring the insured to be "immediately" disabled, and decline to apply the rule to policies that require the insured to be totally disabled within a specified period of time.

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