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Yet this is analogous to what happens in ELT when it comes to determiners, because as far as I can discover, no published ELT materials explicitly recognize the specifier function.
An apomorphy-based definition requires two specifiers of different types, one being a taxon (or species or specimen?
Sometimes the categorial specification of what the specifier specifies is narrow, as with very in English, which me might represent as in (19a):
Download a free version of USP Specifier Software V1.
While this approach seems prudent, quite a few municipal specifiers that I've spoken with share the frustration of not ending up with the product(s) they wanted, even after some comprehensive research prior to issuing their RFP.
The new editorial team can be reached at: Connector Specifier, PennWell Publishing 98 Spit brook Rd.
For the past thirty years, the company has been a pioneer in color technology and is the current industry leader in Internet-based, accurate color communication systems enabling e-commerce between the supplier and specifier.
We've set out to build a world-class building science organization that works with architects, builders and other specifiers to develop the products that they want to see in the marketplace.
In his new role, Brian will put into place aggressive growth strategies, which include increasing the sales force to better assist our expanding customer base and supporting initiatives and programs that make it even easier for lighting specifiers to meet code requirements and satisfy their customers needs.
Sitka spruce decreases in strength the further north it is grown in Britain," WKW's Dainis Dauksta told architects, specifiers and Welsh timber sector leaders at a milestone event to showcase the new system at the North Wales visitor centre.
Interface, a leading carpet tiles manufacturer, has appointed two new business development managers in the Middle East, aimed at further strengthening relationships with industry architects, specifiers and consultants.